Sunday, 16 October 2016

Penlee Short Mat Teams/Fixtures/Players w.e.f.16th Oct 2016

Club Fixtures 22nd Sept 2016

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Penlee (Mon evening) - Capt Mike Jefferies - 01736 787594 (Premier)

Registered Players: Mike Jefferies, John Dollery, David Langsworthy, Keith Williams, Martin Williams. Diane Williams, Nigel Jelbart, Mark Payne

Larrigan (Thurs evening) - Capt Wendy Carne - 01736 363572 (Division 1)

Registered Players: Wendy Carne, Julie Edwards, Phil Allen, Bill Burnett, Keith Whatley, Barbara Edwards.

Pirates (Tues evening) - Capt Dave Bowden - 01736 367560 (Division 1)

Registered Players: Dave Bowden, Colin Williams, Mike Ollis, Selby Edwards, Vic Risbridger, Beryl Langsworthy.

Tolcarne (Tues pm) - Capt John Dollery - 01209 367560 (Green League)

Registered Players: John Dollery, Bill Burnett, Howard McCormack, Mike Jefferies, Nigel Jelbart, Malcolm Furneaux.

Wherrytown (Weds pm) - Capt Mike Ollis - 01736 364151 (Red League)

Registered Players: Mike Ollis, Dave Bowden, Colin Williams, Robin Smith, Gill Waters, Vic Risbridger.

Lidden (Thurs pm) - Capt Martin Williams - 01736 369522 (Green League)

Registered Players: Martin Williams, Diane Williams, Keith Williams, Margaret Williams, Mike Richards, Beryl Langsworthy.

Bowgie (Friday pm) - Capt John Garrison - 01736 351310 (Blue League)

Registered Players: John Garrison, Alan Parker, Dave Williams, Chris Rolfe, Annette Topham - Garrison, Jean Pellow.

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