Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Race Night updated with the final result

Annual Penlee
Horse Race Night
Saturday 9th January 7pm 
in the Clubhouse

With a selection of thrilling horse races to watch and a beginners guide to placing bets (with just for fun race money), all you’ll need to bring is your own supply of good luck! (and food and drink).
The aim is to raise money for charity by charging each person £5 entry fee. The winner of the evening gets to decide which charity will receive half the night’s takings (and maybe a bottle of something!!). The other half is going to Penlee.  If coming put your name on the list in the clubhouse or please email me as I do need a guide to work out how much money I need – the more the merrier and all for good causes!    

Result - Margaret Williams Overall winner ( I blame Wyatt)
£75,000 in the bank!!

Margaret donated £110 to the Childrens Hospice. The club earned £143. Thanks to everyone who attended.     

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Extension Update 10th Sept

Internally the wall has now gone and the space has been revealed. The next stage is for a new floor to be laid (happening tomorrow) and then the finishing such as lights, skim the walls etc. We will then need to paint the interior ready for the carpet to be laid.

Click here to see the clubhouse interior

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Results W/E 24th July

Group 1 Finals Friday 17th and Saturday 18th July

Unbadged Singles

Group 1 Champion Howard McCormack (Penlee) bt Jeff Beckett (St Ives)

Benevolent Pairs

Champions David Balow, Warren Reseigh (Penlee) bt D Hocking, H Newton (Bickford Smith)

Mixed Fours

Champions Louise Williams, Nicki Ellis, Brian Smith, Mark Payne (Penlee) bt
S Roach, B Rowe, D Rowe, K Williams (Porthleven)

Mens Fours

Runners Up Warren Reseigh, Howard McCormack, Vic Risbridger, David Balow (Penlee) lost to
B Jenkins, D Mallett, N Pollard, S Pollard (Porthmeor)

Mixed Pairs

Runners up Louise Williams, Brian Smith (Penlee) lost to S Arthur, P White (Penzance)

Congratulations to all who managed to reach a final.

Mens League Tables up to 19th July

Click here to see the table

Tuesday 21st July

Penlee A v Porthleven Home - Penlee won 4-1
Penlee B v Porthleven Away - Penlee won 4-1

St Michaels B v Bickford Smith home - won (with their second hotshot of the season)

Wednesday 22nd July

WCL Whites v Camborne - Penlee won 5-0

Thursday 23rd July

Penlee A v Penzance A Home - Penlee won 5-0
Penlee B v Penzance B Away - Penlee won 3-2

Friday 24th July

Penlee A v Helston A Away - Penlee won 5-0
Penlee B v Helston B Home - Penlee won 5-0

The clubhouse extension - progress update with plans 27th July

We are now nearly at the end of July and the foundations are laid. The main RSJ has arrived.

Inside the clubhouse, Newlyn side


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Results W/E 3rd July

Tuesday 30th June

Penlee A v Porthmeor Away - Penlee A won 4-1
Penlee B v Porthmeor Home - Penlee B lost 4-1

Weds 1st July

Penlee White v Porthmeor Home - Penlee A won 3.5 - 1.5

Thurs 2nd July

Penlee A v Camborne Home - Penlee drew 2.5 - 2.5
Mark's rink won by 1 (great last shot!), Malcolm's rink drew (again another great last shot) and David went down by 1 (very unlucky). Overall a great night and week for the A team.
Penlee B v Camborne B Away - Penlee won 4-1

St Michaels
Penlee A v St Ives Away - Penlee won 23-12.

Mixed League
Penlee v Hayle - Penlee won 4-1

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Results W/E 26th June

Mon 22nd June

Millenium Mixed
Penlee v Camborne Home. Penlee won.

Please Note:

The semi-finals of the above competition, to be played at St. Ives on Tuesday 7th July (commencing at 6.15pm) will be:-
Helston vs St. Ives
Penlee vs Porthleven
The final will take place on Thursday 9th July at St Ives at 6.15pm.

Tues 23rd

Penlee A v Holmans Home - Won 3-2
Penlee B v Holmans Away - Won 3-2

St Michaels B v Helston - Won (32-4?)

Weds 24th

WCL White v St Ives Away - won 4-1

Please Note:

The 'B' Players Competition for this year has been cancelled, as only five clubs have indicated a willingness by their members to take part.
A decision on the 'A' competition will be made shortly.

Thurs 25th

Penlee A v St Ives Home - Won 4-1
Penlee B had no game as St Ives don't have a B side.

St Michaels A v St Michaels B - A team won


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Results W/E 19th June

Mixed League
Penlee v St Ives - Score 55 - 40
Won 4-1

Tues 16th June
Penlee A v Bickford Smith Home - Won 5-0
Penlee B v Bickford Smith Away - Lost 5-0

Weds 17th June
Penlee Whites v Helston Home - Won 4-1

Thurs 18th June
Penlee A v Hayle Away - Lost 4-1
Penlee B didn't have a game as Hayle don't have a B team

Click here to see the current Men's League Tables

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Weekly Update w/e 12th June

County Mixed Pairs
Brian Smith & Louise Williams bt Walter Polglase & Sally Major 23 - 13 and are through to the semi finals.

Mens County 4's
Warren Reseigh, Howard McCormack, Vic Risbridger and David Balow have reached the Group 1 Final - well done boys!

09 / 06 / 15
Penlee A lost to Porthleven A 4 -1
Penlee B bt Porthleven B 5 - 0.

St Michaels A bt St Ives 28 - 8
St Michaels B bt Helston 19 - 16

County Mixed 4's Quarter Final

L Williams, N Ellis, B Smith and M Payne bt St Ives 25-5

Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekly Update w/e 5th June

Tuesday 2nd June Penlee A v Camborne away - Lost 4-1 (only a 4 shot difference)
Wednesday 3rd June WCL Penlee Whites v Holmans Away - Won 4-1
Thursday 4th June Penlee A v Helston Home - Lost 4-1!
St Michaels A v Penzance Home - Won 17-13
St Michaels B v Bickford Smith Away - Won 16-9
Friday 5th June Penlee v Penzance Top Team Home - Lost 3-2

County mixed pairs
Louise & Brian bt Terry Jackson & Judy King

Quiz Night Saturday 6th June Updated

Saturday 6th June at 7pm will be Quiz Night in the clubhouse.
Keith Whatley has very kindly agreed to do this so please try to support this evening. During the quiz the 50/50 draw will be made and we should also have some news on how we are doing with the loans from the members.
So teams - a max of 6 people - entry £1 per person with a joker round at £5 per team.
Bring a plate (or two!) and maybe a few brain cells.................

Thanks to the members and friends who came. We raised over £100 (or a weeks cut of the green!)

Special thanks to Keith, Howard and Vic for the quiz and 50/50.


3rd Prize - Keith Williams
2nd Prize - Ernie Martin
1st Prize - Margaret Williams

Friday, 29 May 2015

Weekly update - w/e 29th May

Tuesday 26th May - Gents A v St Ives away - Lost 3-2. Gents B had no game as St Ives don't have a B side.
Weds 27th - WCL Whites v Bickford Smith 4-1 (54 points to 53!)
Thursday 28th May - Gents A v Porthmeor - Won 3-2.
Friday 29th May - Gents Captains Shield v Porthleven (or Kevin Williams!) - Lost

Saturday, 23 May 2015

A new feature - A Weekly Results round-up. Week ending 22nd May

Sat 16th - Ladies Top Team won 4-1
Sat 16th, Sunday 17th - Gents County Pairs Group 1 - Fred Spurr and Brian Smith just failed to win the Group 1 final on the last end. Unlucky but well done boys.
Tuesday 19th - Gents A v Hayle - Won 3-2. Gents B had no game as Hayle B have withdrawn
Weds 20th - WCL Whites v Hayle - Won 3-2.
Thursday 21st - Gents A v Holman away - Won 5-0. Gents B won 4 1/2 - 1/2.
Friday 22nd - Penlee v Group 1 - Penlee won overall.
Friday 22nd - After the group 1 match Brian Smith and Louise played a County Mixed Pairs winning 30-9 against a St Ives pairing.
County mixed fours - Mark Payne, Ray Jeffrey, Nicki Ellis, Louise Williams bt. S. Beckett, V. Plummer, F. Plummer, J. Beckett (St. Ives) -an excellent result.
Kernow Cup - Nicki Ellis 25-13 P Ayott (Pz)
County Ladies pairs
Nicki Ellis and Louise Williams 23-18 A. Perry and M. Edgcumbe - a County palyers scalp!
Nicki Ellis and Louise Williams 18-25 S. Roach and B. Rowe

St. Michaels A 12-21 Helston
St. Michaels B 29-5 Redruth

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Extraordinary General Meeting Monday 25th May 6pm - Updated 25th May (IN RED) - The Result

The Executive have called an EGM for Monday 25th May at 6pm. This is concerning the extension of the clubhouse and we are looking for Members support in our proposal.


As you are all aware the club agreed to build an extension to the clubhouse in order to be able to accommodate having a greater short mat section which will include 3 mats and a larger clubhouse for more social events. We submitted applications for funding to 3 organisations. Sports England which if it had been successful would have funded the full build. SITA have awarded us with £30,000 but to access this we need to commence the build by the end of June at the latest. The 3rd funding stream was CORY who have awarded us £8,600 but with roughly the same conditions as SITA. Unfortunately we have been turned down by Sports England and so this leaves us with an approx. shortfall of £22,000 (the figure is still approx. because we are undertaking negotiations to try and reduce the overall cost of the build). We have discussed what we feel are the only options available to us and have come to the conclusion one proposal stands above anything else and therefore we will be looking for the membership to support it.

The Executive's proposal is:

Currently the club is holding approx. £20,000 in reserve (money we never touch). We the Executive propose that £15,000 be used from this reserve and the rest be provided by any member(s) willing to offer the club an interest free loan (of which a number of members have already done). The gross amount offered by the members will of course have an effect on the overall amount we take from the reserves, for example if the members offer a total of £10,000 then we may only need to access £12,000 from the reserve. This means the club and its members will be in full financial control of this project and the future of the club. Howard was able to provide forecasts of what he believes the club turnover will be in the future looking at historical as well as current information and based on the information provided we believe this is the one realistic proposal which the Executive fully supports and ask for it's members to now ratify by voting in favour.

Please make every effort to attend as this could be a pivotal point for the club in deciding the route we will take and therefore it's future. We apologise for it being the Bank Holiday Monday but due to the fixtures we believe this is the best day for the meeting.

Due to a number of requests besides the secret vote on the evening the Executive have agreed for members not available to vote prior to the evening. The voting papers will be held in a secure box until the night of the vote. If you need a ballot paper can you please notify me in writing (email accepted) before the 20th May and I will arrange for a ballot paper to be available for you in the club. You will then be able to vote and put the paper in the sealed box.
Please note that we do need on the night a quorum of members attending and so please make every effort to be there.

Firstly thank you to the members who could not be there but voted by proxy. Also many thanks to the members who took the time and made the effort to attend.

Following a short meeting with a number of questions from the floor members voted in a secret ballot. The result was 43 for - 6 against, an overwhelming majority therefore the work will now go ahead.

The club now invites members to make their offers of an interest free loan (or donation if you are so inclined). There is a box in the clubhouse and we would ask that offers are made in writing, with your name(s) and to confirm if you are happy for your identity(s) to be known. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY IN THIS BOX. No amount is too small. If you would prefer to actually put cash/cheque in an envelope please put it in the mail box by the first aid box. As time is short we do need these offers to be in by the end of next week as we need to have everything in place so we can start the work.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Opening Day April 2015

What a great opening day.

Many thanks to Margaret Blackler stepping in and now being the Club President.

The green looks and plays great.

Coffee morning was a success. With the cakes, raffle and Grand National sweepstake we raised over £200.

The 50/50 draw was made and the result is:

3rd - Ernie Martin £25.50
2nd - Annetta Lapworth £38.25
1st - Mike Richards £63.75

Sunday, 15 March 2015

February 50/50 draw result.

50 numbers in the draw. £125 goes to the club.

3rd - Julie Edwards won £25
2nd - Matt Harvey won £37.50
1st - Ray Jeffery won £62.50

Thank you to all who support this initiative.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Brian Blackler - update 4th April

It is with much sorrow that I inform you all that Brian has passed away this week.

Over the many years Brian has been heavily involved with Penlee which saw him hold numerous positions within the club which included treasurer for many years and was currently the club President for 2015. He was also the current Group 1 competitions secretary, another post held for a number of years.

He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with Margaret and her family.

The address for any sympathy cards is:
Margaret Blackler
45 Lower Gurnick Road
TR18 5QN

Due to the delay with the on-going investigation the family held a service of celebration on Thursday with tea and cake back in the Bowls Clubhouse.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Torquay Tour Jan 2015

Apparently Mike Ollis's one and only toucher for the weekend!!

Quiz winners.
Judy Ollis - overall Champion

Nigel being thanked by the group