Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Millenium Finalists

Just worked out how to upload images to the blog.

Following photo's of the recent "Millenium" final provided by Martin Williams.

The losing finalists - where's yer 'at Ollis?

 Jack Happy
(Down-sized to 4 heavy with grips)

New idea

Come on - admit it - very few members of the Penlee Bowling Club even know we have a website, let alone have visited it.  The website is designed to provide information about the club to bowlers from other clubs and to people who may be thinking of trying out the game.  In a sense it's not the end of the world that members have chosen to ignore it. 

It has been suggested that the website could be used as a means of communicating information to members by adding a new "Latest News" page but there are technical difficulties in doing that with our existing site. As an alternative this "blog" has been set up.  It's very experimental at this stage - still working on the idea - but the kind of thing that could be put up on the blog would be team selections, match results and reports, photographs etc. The blog could also be used as a 'forum' for discussion between members of the club.

What do you think?  Is the idea a runner? 

Jack Happy
(Still wondering where it all went wrong)