Sunday, 2 March 2014

Updated 22nd March - EGM Meeting 19th March 2014 and Minutes

Dear Penlee Members
Following the Executive meeting held Saturday 1st March it has been agreed to hold an EGM on Wednesday 19th March at 6.30 in the clubhouse.
The aim is to make all members fully aware of the situation over the green for the coming season, answer any
questions and to give you the opportunity to show how all members can get involved and help the club to
continue. I'm attaching a copy of the latest minutes from the Executive meeting (on the blog) so you can see what discussions are taking place.

It is imperative we get as many members there. If you fail to attend this will be taken to mean we have your
agreement to any decisions made on the evening.

As part of the future of the club we need members to become part of:
Club maintenance including the green and surrounding area with co-ordination with Cormac/green cutter and
green keeper.
Fund raising/social committee/increase membership.
Clubhouse extension.
Cleaning (we do have some members who have agreed to do this - this is an opportunity for others to
reconsider as we have had to lose the cleaner as we cannot afford to pay. This has resulted in a significant
reduction in the overall loss the club will make this year).

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th March.

Click here to see the minutes

Executive Meeting 1st March




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